Animal Farm is a working, sustainable permaculture center located 65 miles west of Houston. We are dedicated to producing high quality certified organic vegetables and flowers. We sell our products through a CSA, Farmers’ Markets, and to a few select produce stores and restaurants in the Houston and Austin areas.

What We Offer


Through permaculture principles, we grow cut flowers for sale at local markets, for CSA members and for special events.


We specialize in growing heirloom and baby vegetables for customers at the markets, high-end restaurants, and CSA members.


Animal Farm hosts farm dinners, yoga retreats and workshops throughout the year.

The Latest

Keep Up with Animal Farm

Spring is all around us

Wherever you look, plants are sprouting, trees are budding. Mother nature shows its limitless beauty. Look at these amazing black berry blossoms. The blossom radiates both fragility, strength and simple beauty. Soon you will find their berries at the farmers markets in Houston and Austin. They will blacken your tongue, satisfy your sweet tooth and [...]

Tending the Wood Fire, Blooming Dogwood.

For three nights in a row last week night temperatures dropped below freezing. One of our most dedicated workers, volunteered to tend several wood fires in our greenhouses in order to try and save our baby Tomato plants, and our young Dahlia flowers. It looks like his efforts were well spent. Unless we will experience […]

Our Heirloom Rainbow Carrots

Our heirloom rainbow carrots are now in full production. A visually pleasing combination of colors, with an overwhelming sweet taste, makes them the centerpiece of any winter dish. Below is our latest creation, simply roast them whole in the oven or on an open fire for 20 minutes and your dinner will be ready. Find […]


Today we harvested the first stalk of Broccolini, one of the most popular winter veggies.

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