Animal Farm is a working, sustainable permaculture center located 65 miles west of Houston. We are dedicated to producing high quality certified organic vegetables and flowers. We sell our products through a CSA, Farmers’ Markets, and to a few select produce stores and restaurants in the Houston and Austin areas.

What We Offer


Through permaculture principles, we grow cut flowers for sale at local markets, for CSA members and for special events.


We specialize in growing heirloom and baby vegetables for customers at the markets, high-end restaurants, and CSA members.


Animal Farm hosts farm dinners, yoga retreats and workshops throughout the year.

The Latest

Keep Up with Animal Farm


Today we harvested the first stalk of Brocolini, one of the most popular winter veggies. Broccolini is a natural hybrid of Broccoli, but has smaller florets and thinner stalks which are highly edible. Broccolini is loaded with Vitamin C, no better way to boost your immune system in the middle of winter. You will find […]

Highlights of 2018

As the year is slowly grinding to an end, we recollect some of the significant events that happened at our farm during 2018. The most visible change is the addition of another 10 large vented greenhouses, which allows us to extend the seasons and create a controlled environment for plants which protects them from wind, […]

Seasonal Vegetables

As the days are getting shorter, we spend more time indoors. In our gardens something similar is going on, most of the activity is below the surface. A newcomer that you will see at our stand on the farmers market this month is the sunchoke or Jerusalem Artichoke. The ginger like roots grow from tall […]

Celebrating Fall

Fall is here with its serene beauty and bountiful colors. All our root vegetables are planted and will soon be ready for your kitchen counter.

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