Animal Farms' Power Grid

Electric Power

  • 42 Photo Voltaic Panels on the roof, providing 5.7 KWatt of peak power, for most of the sunny Texas days.
  • 72 KWatt of battery capacity keeps us going for more than a week, if the sun decides to take a vacation
  • 7.2 KWatt inverter power provides enough power to start all electrical tools at once, and still have power to spare
  • Solar panel and battery controllers, which ensure that all components are used to their full capacity, without limiting the expected lifetime. (power system drawing)

Propane Gas

  • A 8 Cubic foot refrigerator is quiet and economic, it uses 2 gallons a week
  • A tankless water heater provides endless hot water, without wasting energy on keeping a buffer storage warm.
  • A gas oven and stove fulfills all the culinary needs of our family